It’s good to talk…

I’M OLD enough to remember a time when there was a gap between the football and the cricket seasons. In fact I’m old enough to have forgotten what the gap was.

I’m pretty sure it was two weeks, at either end. Or the cricket fixtures ended on one Saturday and football began the next. Whatever.

Last year I spent three months at Trent Bridge qualifying to become a Level One umpire so that I could officiate at the 1st XI matches of Newark R&M Cricket Club.

Now, because of my appointment as Communications Officer of Newark Flowserve Football Club, my football commitments mean that I missed the last five of the 18 league games of South Notts Cricket League Division D.

I love Newark Flowserve Football Club, and throw myself into my duties with great pleasure, but I love Newark R&M Cricket Club in equal measure. Is it out of the question that the local football and cricket authorities could come together and sort out their fixture lists?

Talented players in both sports, such as Flowserve and Balderton CC’s Jack Beckett, could then enjoy both seasons to the full, and not be made to choose between the two.

It took me a while to fall in love with football. But everyone at my primary school in Bradford was talking about it all the time, so I felt left out. At the age of nine, I sat on the armrest of my dad’s chair and made myself watch the 1969 FA Cup Final between Leicester City and Manchester City.

A year later, as a devout Leeds United fan, I cried my eyes out when we lost to Chelsea in the replay at Old Trafford. I have hated Chelsea ever since.

Cricket I fell in love with straight away, and the summer days stretch luxuriously into infinity like school holidays of yesteryear.

So, come on, authorities. Don’t make us lovers of both sports have to make a choice.


Tony Smith

Communications Officer