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As with the academic element, the football coaching and mentoring will be delivered onsite, at Lowfields, using existing practice and training areas and pitches.  Whilst every effort will be made through pitch and training area management to keep these session at Lowfields, where the weather and playing surface conditions do not permit, additional facilities training and playing facilities will be used.

Each week will see an average of 4 coaching sessions per week.  With both classroom-based and outdoor activities, including performance analysis using video replays, and presentations and question and answer questions sessions with individuals from within the footballing and sports industries.

A key part of the coaching and mentoring element of the academy will be the U19s team.  It is anticipated that there will be 2 matches per month against other academies.  Though as the academy grows, additional teams will be established to ensure wherever possible, students are playing against teams of a similar age and standard.  This will also ensure all students have the opportunity to put the technical, tactical and other elements from their coaching and mentoring, into practice during matches.

Although competitive, the matches form an integral part of the coaching and mentoring element, and the academy experience more widely.  Each game provides a real-world opportunity to continue learning, whilst putting into practice the coaching they have received, and ultimately enabling students to begin their journey to be-coming imaginative, entertaining and skillful footballers.

As mentioned earlier, all academy teams will be entered into the national academy’s league, and will be entered into the The FA Youth Cup, for the 2021/22 season.

To enable us to support the development of a student’s technical, physical, social, and psychological attributes, we focus on the following key aspects:

  • Technical:   Through high-intensity drills and game-based coaching and training, students will learn the technical aspects of the game, develop these skills in a controlled and safe environment.
  • Tactical:   Developing football and match intelligence, and enabling an understanding of footballing principles, tactical formations, and player functions and roles.
  • Psychological:   We aim to build mentally strong players by working through mental preparation, psychological factors that influence performance, dealing with pressure and much more.
  • Attitude:   We believe attitude can be attained through education, and exposure to the right environment.  Key to this is demonstrating to students that the most successful football players have strong daily work ethics, are continuously striving to improve, and have a team-first attitude.

As we stated earlier, one of our fundamental aims is to ensure that students continue to participate in competitive sport.  One route would be for our students to progress through the football academy, and become a member of our first-team.

However, participation is key so academy students may be encouraged to compete for other teams/academies if they so choose.